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. a woman hit and killed while on her bike on a busy san francisco street. what we have learned from police and witnesses. >> plus, continuing coverage of a deadly snowstorm that slammed the northeast. how residents are dealing with the damage. >> let's go, giants! >> a giant celebration today at at&t park. the event that brought fans and players closer together. . good evening, everyone. i'm heather holmes. >> and i'm ken wayne. the san francisco medical examiner this afternoon identified the victim of a deadly bicycle accident near
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at&t park. ktvu's john sasaki is there where the accident happened, in front of giants fans heading inside for fan fest. >> reporter: the impact of this accident was right across third street, in the lane next to the sidewalk. it was a gorgeous morning outside at&t park, with thousands of giants fans heading in for fan fest. then around 9:35, as hundreds of people looked on, this dreadful accident happened. >> the sound. the sound. everything going on. that's all i remember, okay. the bike grinding underneath the truck. >> reporter: a woman riding a bicycle west on king was run a cement truck. >> i was right here from here, right? she went under -- one of the front wheels got her, didn't really clear, hit her legs. underneath the truck, her and the bike were dragged underneath. >> i hear the cement truck coming by on the street, hit a nice biker going into fan fest down the street. all i hear is a big boom and i
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see her laying down. >> reporter: this afternoon, the medical examiner's office identified the woman as 48-year- old san francisco resident diane sullivan. police say two nurses who were in the crowd heading to the park jumped in to help sullivan. the cement truck driver stopped across the street when he realized there was a problem, and hours later, he was in a police vehicle, obviously distraught. >> did you have a big cement truck with a big wheel base, and preliminary reports is she was curbside on her bike, riding, and somehow became entangled. >> reporter: the incident left many in shock. >> i never seen somebody try to get someone else breathing again actually in person. so that was unfortunate. i feel terrible. >> reporter: police are still trying to determine what caused the accident, but they say the cement truck driver is cooperating with investigators. live in san francisco, john sasaki, ktvu channel 2news. a fatal interstate on 880 shut down westbound lanes through richmond for several hours this afternoon. the highway patrol says the
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accident involved several cars near the carlson boulevard exit around 1:15 p.m. one person was killed. traffic was getting by on two lanes, causing a lengthy backup until the freeway fully reopened around 4:30. authorities say a man is in custody, suspected of setting a fire in antioch that displaced a family of five. crews responded to the suspected arson on theodore avenue, near east 18th street just before noon. firefighters say no one was hurt, but the fire caused by $75,000 in damage. the red cross tonight is helping the family with housing. fire officials say antioch police arrested a man at the scene on suspicion of setting this fire. it's not clear what his relationship is to the people who live there. his name has not yet been released. pleasant hill police identified a man who allegedly sparked a tense hostage standoff this morning. investigators got a call about a man with a knife inside the jack if the box on contra costa
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boulevard around 5:45 this morning. the suspect is identified as 41- year-old samuel guerrero of pittsburg. guerrero first tried to rob the rest rabbit, then grabbed an employee at knife point and held the person hostage inside an office. >> investigators were able to evacuate employees from the front of the restaurant. at some point during the incident, he released another employee that came out. >> about an hour after it all started, police say guerrero surrendered. no one was hurt. oakland police say a man is under arrest tonight in a shooting that left a woman hospitalized. around 10:40 last night, officers were called to a home on powell and fremont streets near the oakland/emeryville city line. officers found a woman with a gunshot wound at the scene. she was taken to the hospital and is expected to survive. now to continuing coverage of that powerful winter
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blizzard that pounded the northeast over the last 24 hours. looking at new york city, one of the areas hit by this latest storm. the worst, it may be over, but tonight hundreds of thousands of residents are forced to deal with the aftermath. that blizzard dumped as much as three feet of snow, knocking out power to hundreds of thousands of people. at least six people have died. we have live team coverage for you. meteorologist mark tamayo is tracking the storm moving through the northeast. but we begin with chris welch, live now in boston. >> reporter: well, good evening. you already alluded to it, 3 feet of snow in some areas of new england, in connecticut. here in boston, we got just over 2 feet of snow, just a few inches shy of the record here for boston. now, as we stand right now, we actually just got an updated total. now at least nine people have died as a result of this storm, nine people. one of those unfortunately was a very young boy from right here in boston.
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from pennsylvania to maine, the east coast is digging out, after a massive blast of winter. >> just really no place to put the snow. >> reporter: on long island, people had to be rescued from cars left frozen in place in the middle of the road. one firefighter said it was like nothing he had ever seen. >> for them, it was a very traumatic experience throughout the night. some had no cell phone, no contact, ran out of gas, were very frightened. >> reporter: the storm has resulted in a number of deaths, including that of a 12-year-old boston boy who suffered carbon monoxide poisoning while sitting inside a running car to keep warm. on the brighter side, in wooster, massachusetts, the national guard helped ems crews get to a home to deliver a baby. >> thank god for them, because they are the ones that got us out of there! >> reporter: as utility crews and rescuers do their work, new york governor andrew cuomo is calling for residents to stay out of the way. >> please stay in your homes. we do not need you on the roads. you have a large number of emergency vehicles, and it is
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dangerous to be on the roads. >> reporter: meanwhile, some are just enjoying the winter weather. >> the snow so far has been really fun! right? >> yes, yeah, it's fun! really fun! >> reporter: the storm dropped snow at a furious rate of up to 4 or 5 inches per hour. parts of connecticut saw total snowfall as high as 38 inches. this time lapse video was shot on a deck in hamden, connecticut. snow eventually covers the lens. the blizzard knocked out power to more than 635,000 customers. the states of rhode island, connecticut and right here in massachusetts, they all had bans on traffic that lasted from last night until earlier this evening. that has just been lifted as of a couple hours ago, but emergency officials say, please, if you don't have to be out on the roads, if it's not absolutely necessary, please stay home so emergency crews and plows can get the job done. heather? >> thank you very much. now to meteorologist mark tamayo tracking the storm as it
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moves out of the northeast. mark? >> hi, ken. that is the key, as it moves out of the northeast. this was the merging of two storms, producing those excessive snowfall rates. take a look at the storm totals. this is the radar loop over the past 24 hours. look out toward connecticut, over 34 inches of snowfall. boston, nearly 25 inches, short of the record. that record was 27.6 inches. and new york, 11.4 inches. right now on live storm tracker 2 radar, this is the loop over the past 3 hours. i'll bring you to the most recent image and notice the activity really on the decrease, heading out toward nova scotia and as far as the local storm reports, we'll take a look at those. we could spend a lot of time looking at these, but we'll sample just a few. winds are also a big issue as well. we'll take a look at the current, at least one of the reported wind gusts from last night. you'll see gusting to 68 miles an hour. they have a break in all the activity for tomorrow, but another system could move into the region on monday. coming up, i'll let you know if we have rainfall in the bay
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area forecast. your full forecast, in a few minutes. we were at san francisco airport this morning, as passengers coped with all of the delays due to that big storm. 26 flights were canceled at sfo today, to and from the east coast. for some travelers, home is still a long way away. >> canceled to toronto yesterday, so we overnighted here last night and we're a day and a half going home, through blizzards all the way. >> new york's jfk and laguardia airports reopened this morning along with newark international airport. boston is expected to stay closed through tonight. airlines urge passengers to check their flight status before they go to the airport. go to for a link to track flights and you can find that under hot topics. continuing coverage now, we learned within the hour that los angeles police will reopen the investigation into the firing of christopher dorner. he's the ex-officer accused of killing three people.
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today, authorities fanned out in the mountain town of big bear, searching for any sign of dorner. officers armed with semi automatic weapons have been going door to door to hundreds of vacant cabins. meantime, in san diego, a surveillance camera at an auto parts store appears to catch dorner on monday, tossing items into a dumpster. >> one of the employees went to throw the trash. after he came back, he came back with a clip, like a magazine full of bullets, a belt, military belt, and a helmet. >> police haven't yet commented on this surveillance video. also today, there were two reports of unconfirmed sightings of dorner, one in downtown los angeles and one in barstow. the man suspected of killing a 13-year-old foster teen will be in court wednesday. fairfield police arrested 32- year-old anthony lamar jones at his home yesterday. jones is facing four felony counts.
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last night, a vigil was held for janelle conway alan. hundreds gathered as the fairfield park where her body was found last friday. meantime, a bail hearing is set for next wednesday in federal court for the san jose man accused of planning a terrorist attack. agents arrested the 28-year-old man yesterday outside a bank of america branch on hagen burger road in oakland. authorities say he intended to blow up the building with a car bomb. an undercover fbi agent posing as a taliban sympathizer helped him build a phony explosive. we are learning new details about an explosion last month inside the apartment of the uc davis researcher. the sacramento bee reports investigators found several chemicals inside david snyder's apartment, including a primary ingredient used in the plastic explosive c4. in the report, it also says that authorities found firearms and several boxes of ammunition in the apartment. snyder injured his hands in the blast. he has pleaded not guilty to a
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series of charges. a chicago teenager laid to rest, just days after performing at the presidential inauguration. now, the first lady and others pay tribute. >> -- bumped into me and best part of my day so far. >> and a dream come true for hundreds of giants fans. the event that united them with their favorite players. >> plus, a dazzling display of culture overseas. how china take rang in the lunar new year.
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. first lady michelle obama joined family and friends in chicago today at a funeral for slain 15-year-old hadia pendleton. she was shot back on january 29th, not far from the obama's chicago home. and just days after performing
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with her school band at the presidential inauguration. now, police have not released an official motive yet, but they believe gang members may have mistaken pendleton and her friends for a rival gang. in addition to mrs. obama, several other dignitaries attended, including illinois governor pat quinn, chicago mayor rahm emanuel, reverend jesse jackson and education secretary arne duncan. president obama used his weekly address today to press congress to prevent a series of automatic spending cuts from taking place on march 1st. the president says the cuts would strike a blow to the economy at a critical time. >> at a time when economists and business leaders from across the spectrum have said our economy is poised for progress, we shouldn't allow self-inflicted wounds to put that progress in jeopardy. >> congress put off the so- called sequester as part of the last-minute fiscal cliff deal on new year's day. if a spending deal is not reached, more than $500 billion will be cut from the defense department and other national
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security agencies. the boeing aircraft company today sent one of its 787 dreamliner jets on a test flight. 50 of the jets have been grounded worldwide because of fears about fires from the plane's lithium ion batteries. a 787 took off today from boeing field in seattle and spent almost two hours flying more than 1100 miles. boeing said the purpose of the flight was to gather more information about those batteries. continuing coverage now, on our world series champion san francisco giants. thousands of people packed at&t park today for this year's fan fest. take a look. looks like no one left disappointed. >> let's go, giants! >> reporter: they call it fan fest, but it was more like a lovefest. >> i've always liked the giants. i grew up liking the giants. >> that was the best part of my day so far and i got the high- five! >> reporter: people who live and breathe baseball sharing
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the same air as their favorite players. >> been watching since san jose. >> buster posey. >> buster posey, sergio romo. >> got pictures of buster posey and other players. >> reporter: they came from sacramento, modesto, even hawaii. >> excited to get going this year. and experiencing this fan feeling. >> reporter: braving long lines to meet their heroes, including outfielder hunter pence. >> ready for this year? >> yeah! >> thank you so much! >> thank you guys! >> reporter: and relief pitcher jeremy-- >> yeah. >> reporter: fans got to tour the locker room, snap a few photos. >> that's what you want a crowd, going through the dugout, get to the places you can't get to when you come up to the games during the week. >> reporter: and dream about what next season will bring. >> i think we're going to go back to the playoffs and maybe
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even win the world series -- not maybe. we're going to win the world series again! >> that's right! go to for more on today's fan fest, including a slide show of pictures, as well as more interviews with the players. you can find it all under hot topics. a young woman from oakland was arrested in san mateo county this week on suspicion of identity theft. authorities say 21-year-old robin manuel was found at a best buy store carrying debit cards and gift cards. she was booked in jail and while there, deputies found she was carrying marijuana. she now faces a slew of charges, including identity theft, burglary, and bringing an illegal substance into jail. let's get a check now on our weather. pretty nice today. let's check in with mark to see what your sunday looks like. >> nothing but sunshine. get ready at least for the morning hours. definitely bundle up. temperatures off to a very cold start. into the afternoon, great day to be outside. right now on the maps, we can
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show you this. clear skies across the state. here's a look at current temperatures out toward fresno. 52 degrees. sacramento currently checking in at 51, mostly clear skies. we'll come in a bit closer to the bay area and temperatures have been dropping off quite a bit. these are the numbers for the 6:00 hour. santa rosa right now in the upper 40s, at 49. san jose currently checking in at 52. san francisco, lower 50s, at 51 degrees. forecast headlines for tonight, we'll go with mostly clear skies, temperatures on the cool side. tomorrow, definitely bundle up for the morning hours, but lots of sunshine into the afternoon. extended, dry weather pattern and temperatures will be warming back up over the next few days. first thing tomorrow morning, we will have some patchy frost out there, especially in some of the inland valleys. tomorrow morning will be cooler than this morning. so you can see napa at 29. san francisco at 42. san jose, 34. still 30s, lower 30s out toward concord and fairfield. high pressure continues to build offshore. as a result, the storm track heads way up to our north.
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of course we had the rain showers on thursday into early friday morning. look what happens. this high builds in and a dry week ahead. no rainfall chances in our forecast at all. lots of sunshine and temperatures do go up a few degrees each day, for sunday, monday, tuesday and into wednesday. here is our forecast model. clear skies for your sunday. we'll take this into your monday. same deal with mostly sunny conditions. maybe a patch or two of fog first thing for the morning hours for monday morning and for tuesday morning. as for the readings tomorrow, look at all the readings back up into the upper 50s. even talking about low 60s toward santa rosa and napa. downtown san francisco, just beautiful, in the upper 50s, 59. we could have a bit of a breeze out there, especially in the hills for the morning hours. winds approaching 20 miles an hour. san jose, upper 50s and lower 60s out toward morgan hill and gilroy. here is a look ahead at your five-day forecast with your weekend always in view. just a patch or two of fog first thing monday morning, tuesday morning, wednesday
6:23 pm
morning. but heather and ken, you see temperatures gradually warm up each day a little bit. by thursday, we had 67 degrees. a few neighborhoods inching closer to 70. so we'll feel strange for the month of february. we could use the rain, but nothing showing up in the five- day. >> we'll take it while it's here, all that sunshine. thank you, mark. fireworks filled the sky overbay jink over beijing to ring in the lunar new year. tomorrow starts the official year 4711 in the chinese calendar, the year of the snake. fireworks are a tradition to ward off evil and bring wealth. that may explain a plea by the government to limit the number of fireworks to cut down in smoke didn't work. joe fonzi is up next with sports. >> and why hundreds of people ran through the streets of san francisco today, nearly naked. you can't move the tv there.
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. [ cheers & applause ] 300 scantily clad people ran through the marina in san francisco to help raise money for the children's tumor foundation. this is the first year the
6:27 pm
cupid's undie run has been held in san francisco. today, gimple's candies is donating a portion of online sales in february and march to the children's tumor foundation. >> at least it wasn't chilly at the marina. >> different from the marina on any other day, how? >> that's true! fun for a reason! also fun to watch the san jose sharks. sharks started the abbreviated hockey season by winning their first seven games. since then, played four in a row that have been decided by shootouts, the latest this afternoon at hp pavillion. the phoenix coyotes pitched shootouts in their last two games. shepherd gets the first shootout opportunity of his career. shot on smith goes deep, but smith spits the puck out. ruled the stop was good.
6:28 pm
that means if this shot is good, coyotes win. he is. and they do. goes into the books as a 1-0 final. sharks lead the ducks in the pacific. celebrity watching on the peninsula, and a little golf at the at&t pro-am continuing. when the weather cooperates, hard to find a spot on the planet more breath taking than this. always a little silliness mixed in with golf on saturday. jim harbaugh says the last time he played golf was in this tournament a year ago. birdie par-5 4 right there. not a good day for mickelson. low tide around the 18th hole, lands on his fannie. mickelson took a triple bogey, 101 strokes back. it's a two-way tie at the top of the leaderboard. brent snedeker made birdie on
6:29 pm
the way to a 68, 12 under par for the tournament and a farewell for murray, sporting an unusual look for a movie he's about to begin shooting. doesn't have to wait for tomorrow's round to get started. other story is james hahn. no pictures of him today, shooting a 66 at spyglass hill, but tied for the lead. chris kirk, one stroke back, followed by patrick reed and richard lee. lots more tonight at 10:00. warriors trying to salvage a win tonight in dallas on their four-game road trip. we'll tell you about it on sports wrap. see you then. >> beautiful down there, isn't it? gorgeous. >> no better place when the weather is nice. >> thank you, joe. >> thanks, joe. coming up tonight on the 10:00 news, we'll have much more on the big announcement made late this afternoon by the los angeles police department regarding the firing of a former cop. video you're seeing here, he was wanted in the shooting of three people. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. >> and 'r

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